How to Play Petri Reborn Beta (English guide)

How to play Petri Reborn Alpha English Tutorial.

Why is it called “Petri” ?

A long time ago in a distand land called then Soviet Union there was a comedian named Yevgeny Petrosyan. So he appeared on Soviet TV with humorous performances. Years passed. The distand land changed its name to “Russia”, but Petrosyan still appeared on TV. His jokes went flatter and humour got much primitive. The more time passes the more stupid his shows get. He created his own show called “False Mirror”, but this didn’t make his jokes better. And by the beginning of 2010s Petrosyan became synonym of “Very bad humorist”. But his shows still regularly appear on TV, being more annoying than amusing.

But as opposite to Petrosyan, there is a group of young humorists, who jokes on current topics. Their show is called “KVN”.

And noone now remembers exactly when, but the map “Petrosyanshina” for Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne appeared. “Petrosyanshina” may be translated into English as “Petrosyanity” or “Petrosyanica”, i.e. “something with Petrosyan as the main part”. This map was about fighting Petrosyan vs KVNners. The main mechanics of it was pretty like Petri Reborn. The differences were in details.

The new map was warmly received by players and became popular on Russian Players liked it so much that gave it a short name: “Petri”. It’s because all the Petrosyan team members were called “Petr” (shortened “Petrosyan”) and “Petri” in Russian is plural “Petr” (“Petrs”). And the name “Petri” was also used for the map itself. Noone said “Let’s go play Petrosyanshina!”, everyone shouted “Hey buddy, let’s go play Petri!”.

And since one of the version the map was renamed the people’s name “Petri”.

So Petri Reborn Alpha is a remake of a very popular Warcraft 3 map “Petri Balance”, which was previously named “Petrosyanshina” which got its name from russian comedian Yevgeny Petrosyan.

The plot is such: for some reason eight KVNners found themselves at Evgeniy Petrosyan’s stand-up show. This is like hell for them. They hate his primitive humour and flat jokes. There is no exit from the concert hall! So the KVNners decided to build the exit and get out of there!

The KVNners’ goal is to defend until they’re able to build exit.
The Petrosyan’s goal is to move to laughter (i.e. kill) all the KVNners.

If KVNner is killed by Petrosyan, he becomes his ally, one of the “false mirror” actors. So as more KVNners are set to laughter by Petrosyan team, it is more difficult to keep defending.

How to play as KVNer.

You appear on the map with four items in inventory:

Blink Dagger
Allow building
A bag with gold

Blink Dagger works exactly as it does in Dota 2, so I think there is no need to explain something about it.

Trap is just like Techies’ stasis trap, so, I guess, you already know how it works.

I will tell about two other items below.

First you’ve got to choose your place on the map where you’ll build your base.
There is a lot of areas on the map for bases. Each of them has one entrance (stairs) — the only way Petrosyan may enter there. So you’ll have to keep the entrance well defended.

Once a KVNner places his first building inside the area, it becomes assigned to him. Since this moment noone else can build there. This is done in order to prevent players disturbing other players’ bases with their buildings.

If you want to allow someone to build with you, you should use the item called “Allow building” on your buddy’s hero. After this he’ll be able to make structures on your area. It’s better to build together, so this is very useful to choose your allies.

Once you’ve got to your future base site (you can use Blink Dagger to get there faster), you have to build a wall. The wall should be placed exactly on the entrance stairs, so Petrosyan would have to destroy it before he gets in.

To build a wall choose your hero’s first skill (“Basic Structures”) and then choose  “Wall” and place it.

The wall is the main thing in this game. It is a very durable structure that prevents Petrosyan destroying your base. Since Petrosyan gets stronger, you’ll have to upgrade your wall. To do so, use thw wall’s first skill “Upgrade”. It costs 500 lumber and the upgrade cost will increase exponentially. At the beginning of the game you have only 150 lumber (exactly enough to build a lvl1 wall) so you can’t upgrade the wall right now. You need to produce some lumber.

At first you’ll need a building where the lumber is brought to. It is the building called “Facility”. To build it you should choose your hero’s first skill (“Basic Structures”) and then the second one  (“Facility”). Place it near woods.

Now you can collect lumber. To do so, choose your hero’s third skill (“Chop Wood”) and click on a tree. Your hero will chop some lumber and take it to the nearest Facility.

While your hero is chopping trees let’s understand how his skills work.
His first two skills are “Basic Structures” and “Advanced Structures” correspondingly. They open sub-menus with skills that allows you to place a building. Buildings may cost lumber and/or gold. The green number means lumber, the yellow one means gold. You can see your current gold and kumber cash in the upper right part of the screen (golden coin and a tree icons correspondingly).

It is kind if glitch, but sometimes the four-digit number doesn’t fit its area, so, for example it says that Exit’s gold cost is 575, but truly it’s 5750 with invisible zero.

So when I say “Place building … “ it means “Open Basic of Advanced Buildings submenu and choose the corresponding building, then place it”.


If the building is upgradeable, it has a skill with “Plus” icon, so when I say “Upgrade building ...” it means “Select the building and use it’s upgrade skill”.

To close the buildings submenu use “Back” skill (with a purple back arrow).

The third skill is “Collect Lumber”. You already know how to use it.

The fourth skill is “Repair”, use it to building to repair it.
The last skill is “Deny” and it destroys the targeted building.

Ok, by this time you should have enough lumber to build a  “Tower of Gold”.
Tower of Gold produces 1 gold per 10 seconds.

But each Tower of Gold consumes 25 food. So you need to build a farm first. Farms are called  “Huts” here. They’re in Basic Structures menu. They’re free — build eight of them. You can also upgrade them to produce more food, but now it’s more profitable to just build eight huts because they’re free. You can see how much food you have in the upper right corner of the screen (meat icon). 250 is the limit. Eight huts reach it so you don’t need to think about it later. Yes, this is kind if imbalance, but this is Alpha.

Since you have food, you can now place ​  Towers of Gold. They’re in Advanced Buildings menu. Place one or two and then upgrade them. Each upgrade costs more lumber and gold. Also upgraded towers consume more food. So don’t make too much of them. 4-6 is enough, you better upgrade them.

Since you have Towers of Gold, you’ve got a small gold income. It’s now better to spend it to resources collecting upgrades: upgrading gold towers and bying workers.

Workers collect wood for you. There are two types of workers: KVNner and Tricky KVNner. The first one costs 20 Food and 6 Gold and collects up to 200 lumber. The secons one costs just 5 Food and 40 Gold and collects twice more lumber! Also they are able to blink and repair buildings (so you’ll not need to risk yourself to repair a wall). Thus I recommend not to spend Gold for the first type. You can make any worker suicide by using its last skill “Suicide”.

They’re hired inside Facility. At first you should upgrade it for 1000 lumber. Now you can hire KVNners. But better make the second upgrade for 10 Gold and 15000 Lumber and hire two Tricky KVNners.

Since you now have lumber income, upgrade your Towers of Gold. Gold is very important here.

The next important building is Foreman. In this building you can do researches to make your wokers produce more lumber, make buildings stronger and towers more powerful.

The  Foreman is in Advanced Buildings menu.

He has three upgrade skills: 

 Concrete Patches — gives additional 45 armor per level for your buildings in 5000 raduis.
 Nanotechnology — gives additional attack range and damage for your towers in 5000 raduis.
 Grease the axes — allows your workers carry more lumber while chopping woods.

At first I recommend upgrading axes: this allows you to produce way more lumber and have less workers. I usually have two Tricky KVNners.

The next building category is towers. This is your way to keep Petrosyan away. There are two basic towers:

 Basic Tower (in Basic Structures).
 E-Tower (in Advanced Structures).

Basic tower can be upgraded into higher level Basic Tower (just increased damage) or to Elemental Tower. In turn, the Elemental Tower can be upgraded into Fire Tower (does critical hits), Death Tower (reduces Petrosyan’s armor) or Ice Tower (Slows Petrosyan).

E-tower has just one way to upgrade that increases its damage and attack rate.

There is also a building in Advanced Structures menu called  Eye. It works just like Observer Ward from Dota 2. You may place it if you want somewhere on the map to see if Petrosyan is walking around.

And the last but not least building is  Exit.
Building Exit is your goal. It costs 99999 Lumber and 5750 Gold.
But remember: Exit is being constructed for a long time since it’s placed on map (exactly 10 minutes) and Petrosyan has vision of this place. So do it only if you are sure that your base is strong enough.

The last thing in this tutorial is the bag with gold, your third inventory item.
Here is how it works:

You place it somewhere on your map (of course it’s better to place it inside your base, because Petrosyan can kill it with one hit). It starts generating gold like Tower og Gold. But initially it generates zero gold! It costs 66.66 gold to increase its gold income by one. So the more you invest the more you get. It’s not that profitable as building Towers of Gold, but the last level Tower of Gold consumes 46 Food so you can build only limited bumber of them and the Bag with Gold consumes no food and has no income limit. So I recommend to upgrade your Bag With Gold once you reach your Food limit.

As the last tip I can say: see what your more skilled teammates do and try to do the same. 

So here you go! Now you know basics of playing Petri Reborn Alpha! Develop your base, don’t forget to upgrade walls and towers and keep Petrosyan away from your Exit!

How to play as Petrosyan

You start at your base, Petrosyan’s makeup room. There are up to two Petrosyans (or Petros as they’re called in English translation of the map): Petrosyan himself and his wife, Yelena. They have the same abilities, just look different (Breawmaster as Petrosyan and Death Spirit as his wife).

Petros have such skills:

Flat Joke. Passive: while attacking, a chance to invoke a damage-dealing wave in the direction of your attack.
Put to sleep. Put to sleep the targeted unit for a while. Useful against KVNs to prevent them repairing walls.
Amuse. Petros amuses the target healing it. He can also heal himself.
Pry. Have vision on a targeted area of the map for few seconds.
Stealth run. Invisibility + high movement speed.
Get the F*** Out. Immediately teleports you to thebase. Use it also to return to the respawn point from Arena.

To prevent immediate killing KVNs, which start near the Petrosyan’s base, Petros are stunned for some seconds. This time is enough fpor KVNs run away and start constructing bases, so there’s no point in trying to fight them immediately. Instead of this, Petros have to farm.

So first thing you should do as Petro after his stun ends — buy “Mask of laught” and “Butt” and go to the first arena!

Mask of Laught gives you lifesteal (like Morbid Mask in original Dota 2). Lifesteal is the key thing to farm in Arenas because creeps will hit you continuously. So there’s no way to play without a lifesteal item.

Butt just gives you 60 hp bonus, which is useful at first minutes of the game. It is also a part of other composite items which you’ll need soon.

Petros can farm in Arenas only at daytime and this is the only way to gain gold and XP such needed to fight KVNs, so don’t loose this time!

Petors have six arenas where they fight with immidiately respawning creeps (which are called here comedians), so by continuousluy smashing them, Petros gain gold and XP. You’ll probably need to enable your auto-attack in settings for this (if you’ve disabled it), because Petro usually kills creep with one hit and you’ll just get tired of clicking on them. With auto-attack on Petro will stand in place and farm himself without your help.

In each next arena creeps have more HP and more attack damage, so they can just kill you. Go to the next arena only after you’re sure you’re strong enough. But you also need to be able to kill creeps with one hit, because it’s not profitably killing creeps at the fifth arena for 39-40 gold with 5 hits while you can one-hit creeps for 16-18 gold at the 4th arena without risk of being killed.

Here is some information about creeps on arenas, how much HP they have, how strong is their attack and how much gold you get for killing each:

1st Arena: Bad Comedians  1 hp / 0 armor / 1 damage / 1 gold
2nd Arena: Hilarious Actors 15 hp / 0 armor / 11 damage / 2-3 gold
3rd Arena: Dead Comedians 140 hp / 2 armor / 145 damage / 5 gold
4th Arena: Tim and Eric Crew Members 605 hp / 3 armor / 2195 damage / 16-18 gold

! You need at least Superthing to go to the 4th arena safely !

5th Arena: Stand-Up Comics 11875 hp / 3 armor / 16000 damage / 39-40 gold

! Nothing to do on the 5th Arena without God Shield and Trident of Banality of Evil! You can try to stand there with Mjolnia Axe but then you’ll kill creeps for 2 hits, it’s barely better than killing creeps on the 4th arena for 1 hit / 16-18 gold. Even with these items enter this and the 6th Arenas with invulnerability/invisibility on !


6th Arena: Funny Dragonites 23750 hp / 15 armor / 62500 damage / 70 gold

! Mega Sithes and The Best Shield are mandatory !

Besides Arenas there are three bosses for Petrosyan. Unlike Arenas, you can visit bosses at any time, even at night. This is useful at the late-game when you need some money for a key item and there’s no time to wait till next day.

Once the day is over and it’s night, you’ll be popped out from Arena. Now you’ll have to seek for KVNs bases and destroy them. Use you skill “Pry” to open an area on the map for a few seconds. Once you’ve found some KVN bases you can stalk there and try to destroy the wall on the entrance. Don’t forget to use Coke, Mask Of Laugh (Uber) and Magical Shield to get temporal invulnerability. If you feel you can’t destroy the wall during invulnerability, just flee and try to find and destroy another KVN base which can be more easy to strike.

Once the night ends, immediately return to base and farm on the Arenas. Remember that the KVN farm as well, so if you don’t farm enough, next day they’ll have too strong walls for you! Your time is also limited because if a KVN builds exit, you’ll loose! So do not loiter and do not let KVN kill you for gold.

The guide is still under construction and will be improved. I will also add more images and screenshots. So visit this page later for update! You can also leave your comment below via VK or FB to let me know how I can improve this guide!

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